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Possible Blacklisting

Friday 28th October 2016

As many user's know, KAT was the reason I started PXIMG, and probably the bulk of users of the service originate from KAT. But, unfortunately times change.

Anyone using PXIMG on KAT, you may need to use another service or proxy it. I'll be setting up some alternatives as KAT is soon blocking PXIMG as an image host on their site.

Apologies for this, but it's not under my control. PXIMG will still work on all other sites, and is committed to keeping you anonymous. We will continue to strive by staying ad-free, anonymous and as always, friends to all users.

If you want to use another service, that's fine by me, if you enjoy the services that PXIMG offers, please continue to use it.

I wish all the best to KAT, and hope they continue on developing.