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Possible Blacklisting
Friday 28th October 2016

As many user's know, KAT was the reason I started PXIMG...

Security Updates (possible double-login)
Wednesday 21st September 2016

There have been some large security updates today...

PXIMG & WorldWideTorrents
Tuesday 30th August 2016

WorldWideTorrents adds PXIMG as a 'Site Friend'.

OAuth and the recent server downtime
Monday 13th June 2016

I'm just here to mention some of the latest news about PXIMG...

New Features
Thursday 5th May 2016

New features added to PXIMG

Server Monitoring -
Friday 15th April 2016

We have now released a new site for monitoring any PXIMG servers.

Server Change Successful
Friday 15th April 2016

We have now successfully changed hosts and everything appears to be operational.

NSFW Filter Added
Tuesday 12th April 2016

I have now added an NSFW filter. We'll be shortly going through the system to mark images as NSFW

Site Updates Completed
Monday 11th April 2016

We have now undergone the backend image location changes...

Major Updates and More
Friday 8th April 2016

In the next few weeks there are some planned major changes to PXIMG.

Possible Host Change
Saturday 19th March 2016

We will possibly be changing hosts sometime soon due to poor servers resulting in the site crashing and losing connection a lot...

Congratulations to Cowgus!
Tuesday 15th March 2016

Congratulations to Cowgus, the winner of the first PXIMG weekly giveaway...

Giveaways System Completed!
Friday 11th March 2016

Finally the giveaways system is finished! Every Sunday, a random user will be selected...

First Giveaway Coming Soon!
Thursday 10th March 2016

So, the first giveaway is nearly upon us.

Decisions, decisions....
Monday 7th March 2016

Well, as the title suggests. Today has been about decisions...

PXIMG Giveaways
Sunday 6th March 2016

We are testing a new feature of PXIMG, the giveaways page.

Avatars and More
Wednesday 2nd March 2016

I have now added a few more features. The most noticeable being Avatars...

API Password Reset/Change
Tuesday 1st March 2016

I have now added password resetting and changing via the API...

Moved to Blowfish for password security
Tuesday 1st March 2016

Today has been quite a productive day...

API v2 Is Here!
Wednesday 24th February 2016

The v2 API for PXIMG is finally here, with a key feature...

API v2 Coming Soon
Saturday 20th February 2016

Ive recently been working on a 2nd version of the API...

Mobile Support is here!
Thursday 18th February 2016

After a long time of rewriting code, the site is finally...

Shtn by PXIMG
Tuesday 16th February 2016

PXIMG now features a new link shortener, this is available...

Converting code to be responsive
Sunday 14th February 2016

So, now that mobile uploading has been added, I realised...

Mobile Upload Added
Friday 12th February 2016

Ok, so I've now updated the site to support all features...

Adding Mobile Upload
Wednesday 10th February 2016

Currently, the code behind PXIMG does not allow image upload...

SSL Upgrade Complete
Tuesday 9th February 2016

Recently I said I was moving to HTTPS...

Account Authentication
Monday 8th February 2016

Due to a number of spam accounts that were created recently...

COMING SOON! Video Hosting
Saturday 6th February 2016

So, one of the most requested things has been video hosting...

Server Change
Friday 5th February 2016

We changed server hosts earlier today...

Major Update - 21/12/2015
Monday 21st December 2015

So today I added multi-image upload...

More Time to Dedicate ;)
Wednesday 16th December 2015

Well, since being demoted on Kickass Torrents...

Currently in Beta
Wednesday 2nd December 2015

PXIMG is a new image host currently in a beta phase...